What Is Your “Why?”

CSQ #71 what is your why (blog)

I know I’m not the first to ask. This seems to be the question of the year these days amongst entrepreneurs and really anyone who is doing anything with purpose. Many books have been written about this exact subject.

Because really, if you don’t have a strong “why” you’re most likely not very thrilled about what you’re doing, whether it’s your work, leisure time, or something you’re volunteering to do. If you’re doing something you love or are passionate about, it’s because you probably have a strong “why” attached to it. When your “why” is strong, the thing you do, you must do.

The other day I was meeting with a business coach, Lily Smith, and she asked me what part of my business I love to do the most. My answer was simple: “I love my ‘girl time’ with my clients.” Yes, I work with men, but men are so competitive the vibe with men is different.  They need to one up their fellows. It’s a Darwin thing.  I still have lots of fun and love dressing a man in styles that put him a good notch above his peers and gives him the confidence that only a well-dressed man can have.

But with my girls…well…it’s a little different.  I call it my “girl time” because, yes, it’s about helping them create their killer style, but it’s about connection too.

It’s a time for us to find the styles and colors that are going to compliment and bring out the best in how they feel about themselves. And it’s also a time for us share stories about our fears, challenges, and yes, our joys and successes.

When I hear that my client feels more beautiful, more confident, more successful, more ___________(fill in the blank), because of wearing the clothing I have picked out for them, I get so much joy and satisfaction from what I get to do with, and for them.

When a woman looks at me with tears in her eyes, because she feels beautiful for the first time in years, or because she’s rediscovering a wonderful part of herself that was buried beneath layers of shame, and she says to me, “Michelle you’ve changed my life,” that is my “why” for the work that I do.

Your “why” is the reason you do what you. It’s the reason you get up in the morning, or “why” you stay up late at night energized with ideas. It is your drive…your inspiration. It is something that pulls you up when you aren’t sure you have the strength. Your “why” is your purpose, cause or belief that inspires you to do what you do.

So…do you know what your “why” is?

Whether you know your “why,”OR WHETHER you’re just “discovering it,” or are somewhere in “search mode,” (you can have more than one “why.”) I encourage you to dress so that you look and feel your best. Because when you look amazing and feel confident, the possibilities abound around you. The world responds to people who are feeling good in the skin they’re in. My clients are proof.

I may not be able to help you in discovering your “why” but I’m here to help you be the best you, you can be while you’re in the process of discovering it. And who knows, perhaps when we’re in the dressing room outfitting you in something amazing, and you’re sharing your passion with me, we’ll have an “aha!” moment as we laugh or cry…and your “why” will be revealed.

I can tell you, it won’t be the first time.

Before I sign off I want to share news about a wonderful woman who is definitely living her “why!”

Esther Szabo is one of my darling clients who is gracing the cover of an online magazine “Active Over 50!”

-CSQ- #71 - What is your Why-

Although I didn’t get to style Esther for her photographs, I did have the wonderful pleasure of shopping for her and picking out some fabulous outfits – two that she wore for her photo shoot. Keren Barukh Torman of Keren Creations is the designer of her gorgeous necklaces. And like Keren’s jewels, Esther is beautiful and radiant!

Esther is a Certified Financial Planner running her business in Silicon Valley. She’s smart, savvy, competent, friendly, and approachable. I think her super stylish outfits mirror exactly that!

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  1. Savannah Price April 7, 2017 at 8:53 AM - Reply

    Hi there! I have a question: what era did the paper bag waist originate in? Thanks!

    • Michelle Moquin April 8, 2017 at 1:38 PM - Reply

      Hi, Savannah,

      Thanks for your question! I would be happy to answer it in my next newsletter. Stay tuned…and have a great weekend!



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