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Michelle Moquin

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Are you frustrated with your wardrobe? Do you spend too much time looking through your closet to find something to wear? Do you dread getting dressed? Has your body changed and you don’t know what looks good on you anymore? Are you lacking confidence when you look at yourself in the mirror? Have you changed jobs or started a job and don’t know what’s appropriate for your new position? Does your outfit bother you throughout your day and you wish that you had put something else on? Has your Lifestyle drastically changed?

Phew! That’s a lot of questions. If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you should consider hiring a stylist to help you with your style.


Although it may feel like a luxury hiring a personal stylist, it’s expert assistance that’s no longer reserved just for the rich and famous.

You most likely hire experts in so many other areas of your business and life, why not hire an expert who can guide you to looking and feeling your best.

Want to save money and time? Done. No more clothes in the closet with the tags still on. Less time scouring the stores looking for clothes, and more time having fun in them!

Before we even begin to refine your unique style, the 2-hour Initial Consultation is the first step to discovering and defining it.

Together we’ll discover your Body-Type and its Symmetry, and the clothing styles that best suit it. You’ll learn the designers that best compliment your Personality, and colors that work with your own personal coloring. We’ll talk about your work day and your weekends to ensure that the styles we select meet your Lifestyle-Requirements.

If you are interested in learning more about our 4-step process, schedule a 15 minute phone call with us.


Your stylist will not give you style. She will help you discover, define, and refine your unique style and then show you clothing based on YOUR Body-Type and its Symmetry, YOUR Personality, YOUR Lifestyle-Requirements, and YOUR personal coloring.

Yes, she may encourage you to try new things that you may have not picked out yourself, but all the items will be selected based on your unique style and the discoveries you made together during the Initial Consultation.

The Initial Consultation is the first private style session and just the beginning. Once you’ve completed this session, we offer other style services to support you in continuing to refine your unique style:

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We also offer business seminars and personal workshops:

Free Style Advice:

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My clients mean the world to me. I’m privileged to be the one who gets to see all that they are. I’m always blown away and blessed that I get to witness them blossoming into their best, and becoming more than they thought they were.

It’s stunning to me that with all of the social media we’re absorbed in, we’re less engaged and connected to each other than we’ve ever been before. In all of our full lives, in this fast-paced world, we rarely get to be seen for who we are, or given kudos for all that we do. Everyone deserves to be seen, and to have a focused, listening ear to the words they speak.

For the magical moments that I get to share with my clients even in our limited time together, my personal goal is that they get to see how amazing they are; I enjoy the repartee about who they are, what they do, and who they do it with, as much as I do about what they want to look like.

Our style sessions together occur in a welcoming, and loving space, where my clients can safely shed their armor, be heard, and be seen, truly seen, with loving, nonjudgemental eyes, and no agenda, except to create an amazing experience for those who chose to trust me with their bodies and personal thoughts wherever they go.

Yeah, it’s about clothing, but it’s really about connection – Connection to ourselves and connection to each other.

If you want to have this kind of experience with me too, contact me.

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Personal Bio

Michelle Moquin has been a creative force in the Fashion Industry for over 25 years. She began her career as a Fashion Designer, for San Francisco Bay Area companies such as Wilkes Bashford, Jessica McClintock, Joe Boxer, and Byer of California. She designed under her own labels, “Michelle Moquin,” and “MAM” selling her sportswear and sleepwear collections  to boutiques and department stores throughout the United States.

Michelle was a Featured Designer for ABC World News Now: PJ Party on ABC News. Her sleepwear designs were featured in the “Oscar Gift Bags For The Stars,” with recipients such as Charlize Theron, Marcia Gay Harden, and Renee Zellweger, to name a few, and they were also on the television show “The View,” and in magazines such as, “People,” and “Family Circle.” Sharon Stone even has one of her handspun silk pajamas that she wears out on the town with heels!

During that time Michelle was chosen as a delegate to represent the City of San Francisco on a business trip to Vietnam. There she met with a major manufacturer who after seeing her clothing designs, saw the potential of collaborating with Michelle, and offered her a 5-year licensing contract that included manufacturing, marketing, and selling Michelle’s designs internationally throughout Asia and Europe. Michelle accepted.

Today, Michelle is a Certified Personal Stylist who is committed to her clients’ success. She also conducts fashion presentations and style seminars in business settings for men and women to help them improve their professional image and achieve the results they want. She also leads Style and Color workshops for the women who want to spend an afternoon with their girlfriends, as Michelle unravels the mysteries of style, and shows you how to make color your best friend.

Regardless of the reason one selects Michelle as his or her stylist, the Michelle Stylist Experience will leave you with an image of yourself that will excite you and encourage you to meet your professional, business, and social obligations with confidence that you are presenting to the world the you, You want them to see!

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Mission Statement:
My Goal is to help create a better world by helping people feel confident.

I believe that when people feel and look their best, their lives and the lives of those around them are transformed – Their confidence sky-rockets, and their personal and professional lives are significantly improved.

When people are happy with themselves they tend to want to share that happiness with others. It feels good creating a better world even if it’s one person at a time.