This Season’s Look is Uber Feminine & Romantic (+ 3 tips to help you do it right!)


Spring is here with Ruffles!Off-the-shoulder, babydoll, cascading, circular, waterfall – what do all these have in common?

Hint: The look is uber feminine – you might be someone who loves them, or you might be someone who wouldn’t be caught dead in them! If you’re the latter, I’m hoping to change your mind. 🙂

Well…did you guess?

Here’s another hint: This trend is a perfect “Summer of Love” look.

If you’re a romantic, you know I’m talking about…scroll down please…



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Yes, ruffles.

They’re a trend this spring, summer, this upcoming fall and hopefully beyond –  and one that I have to admit I absolutely love!

Before you poo poo it, because you’re a “modern” girl, don’t discriminate yet! Ruffles, come in all shapes and sizes, in styles that are over the top feminine, to ones that are cutting edge, and yes, in sleek, simple mod styles too.

I truly think that no matter if you’re a girly girl or not, every woman should have a little feminine touch in her wardrobe. If you don’t, this is the season to go for it! If you do, well then…you’re in for a treat because I haven’t seen ruffles done like this in almost forevahhh!

Here’s a snippet of some of my faves:


CSQ #72 Ruffles! x 4 (1)



CSQ #72 Ruffles! x4 (2)



A Few Tips…

  1. Remember that ruffles do not hide parts of your body; they bring attention to that area. If you don’t want attention brought to your arms, hips, etc., keep the ruffles away from these and any other areas.
  2. Ruffles add volume. If you want to look bigger in an area, fill that area with ruffles. If you’re already small busted, adding ruffles will make your bust appear bigger.
  3. Ruffles can give the illusion of a different Body-Type. If you’re a “Triangle” and want to appear more like an “Hourglass” add ruffles to the shoulder area. Or better yet, wear an off-the-shoulder top to balance your wider hips.

And yes, the paperbag waistband is here again. Did it ever really leave? We saw it last year and I blogged about it.  With this season’s ruffle trend, it fits in perfectly again this year.

Oh, Savannah…thanks for blogging your question. Unfortunately, I’m stumped by this one. I have no idea. If you ever find out, please blog me!


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  1. nancy reynolds April 25, 2017 at 4:52 PM - Reply

    I love ruffles, Michelle! I am in my glory!



  2. Rhonnda Mitchell April 25, 2017 at 10:34 PM - Reply

    Michelle, your blog is the only style blog that I look forward to reading. I always learn so much. Thank you!


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