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Jewelry by Keren Creations

Jewelry by Keren Creations

Style and Color just for you in two easy to learn workshops designed to be Fun, Interesting, New and Exciting. You are invited to attend and have a F.I.N.E. time with Michelle.

The Mysteries Of Style Revealed

The simplicity of style is a mystery to most of us because we’re not aware of a few simple parallels that we all belong to. Those parallels connect us to the paths we take, the people we meet, and the who we want to be.

Spend two hours with me and unravel the mystery of what styles work best with your particular Body-Type, and Lifestyle-Requirements, in the designers that makes them, in the price range that fits your budget.  I will also share with you what color temperature enhances your personal coloring, and the color saturations that fits your personality.

Your personal designers are out there; the designers who always designs a style that will work for you. In less than 2 hours you will discover the go-to designers when you need that special attire for that special event, when time is of the essence. And in the last half hour you will have the opportunity to compare your personal designers with others as I guide you through your own personal shopping session.

Located at one of our premier retail partner locations.


A Workshop To Make Color Your Best Friend

In a 1-2 hour session you will learn how use the shade, tone and tint of a color to harmonize almost any color with your skin tone and to accentuate, highlight, and personalize your eyes and hair color.

The color workshop is 1-2 hours and is limited to 4-6 girlfriends based on stylist availability. You will receive a customized portfolio of colors that will help you put outfits together that complement your personal coloring and style.

Contact me for the details and to schedule your workshop(s)