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When I hired Michelle, I thought I was doing something extremely lavish. I had no idea she would bring me back to life! I had just started a business, was overwhelmed and had very little time to manage my personal affairs. Michelle took me through a careful exploratory process to get to know me and my personal style, and with that she was able to craft a look that perfectly suited me.

Most important, Michelle listened and made me feel completely comfortable and at ease every step of the way. She far exceeded my expectations. Michelle will transform your outside into the person you are on the inside in a seamless, stress-free process that will leave you wanting more! I cannot give her a higher compliment, and I cannot wait to work with her again.

(Photo by Nancy Rothstein)

Anna Marie Rembold

Anna Marie Events

Michelle is amazing.  She helped me understand what colors work for me, and opened my eyes to colors I wasn't wearing at all that are now my absolute favorites.  Then there's the understanding of what shapes work for my body type....priceless.  These two pieces of information are an investment that actually saves me money, because I am no longer wasting money on the wrong colors & shapes.  No more buying things that end up hanging in the closet unworn only to be donated in a year or two!

The experience of working with Michelle is fun, empowering, and just a sheer pleasure.  She's such a warm, charming person, and she truly pampers her clients.  The shopping session is amazing, you walk into a private dressing room to find all the outfits she has already meticulously laid out for you.  Shopping was never this easy. 

I really can't say enough positive things about working with Michelle.  I recently introduced her to a friend who emailed, thanking me profusely for connecting them, saying Michelle was a "major life changer."  That is totally accurate.  I think of her fondly every day when I go into my closet!

*All photos of Michelle featured on this website were taken by Nancy.

Nancy Rothstein

Nancy Rothstein Photography

I can NOT thank you enough for opening my eyes to the amazing world of color and fit! You are a ROCK STAR!! Meeting you has been such a great joy. Your energy is unmatched and has created the best experience. I feel as though every sentence I write should have multiple explanation marks! From the bottom of my heart...thank you. You have shown me endless possibilities to create exactly what I want and need.

Lynda Edwards

Michelle Moquin is wonderful. She made shopping for clothes fun and easy. I'm a 56 year old man who had a tired wardrobe with very few usable clothes. Without her I most likely would have purchased yet another black or charcoal grey suit. She is professional, knowledgeable and gracious with her advice. I'm looking forward to another shopping event!

(Photo by Nancy Rothstein)

John Baskett

John Baskett Insurance services

Michelle clearly understands just how much one's style makes a statement. I recently found myself quoting her to my friends as I realized the statement I was making was not one I intended! As an entrepreneur with an individualistic streak a mile wide I had to smile as I realized how right she was.

I have been amazed at the transformations I've seen her bring about while working within the individual's sensibilities. It was clear that the clothes they wore looked good on them *and* they felt good wearing them. No one should walk around feeling their own clothes constitute a uniform or a costume; style is personal, alive, and engaging.

(Photo by Nancy Rothstein)

Zo De Muro

Living Fully Wellness

Gracious and Elegant as always Michelle. It is so clear that your passion is to bring people into their full selves by helping them find their style and even more the expertise to help bridge the gap between what they like and what will suit their body type....this made a huge difference in my wardrobe. So grateful for your skills.

(Photo by Nancy Rothstein)

Chimene Pollard

Team 510

All the clothes you've picked out for me are just my absolute favorites. They actually grow on me even more to where they blow my mind how perfect they are for me. You make it so easy to get dressed everyday. I can't thank you enough! (Photo by Nancy Rothstein)

Jeni Quigg

I hate shopping but Michelle made the experience of selecting the perfect outfits a joy. All I had to do was show up! I needed to update my look for speaking engagements and photographs and Michelle nailed my colors, shapes, and styles so perfectly. I wear the outfits that she picked out for me with such confidence and joy! She's well worth the investment in both time and money and I am grateful to have her in my corner. She's not only professional, but a genuine goddess who truly cares about helping you to radiate your best qualities, inside out! I HIGHLY recommend Michelle for all your style and fashion needs!

(Photo by Nancy Rothstein)

Juliana Park

Conscious Wealth

Through the process of working with Michelle, she had me pick a few words to describe how I'd like to portray myself. Taking that same tactic here to describe working with Michelle, she is talented, perceptive and thorough.

Talented: Michelle has the gift of tailored fashion. She has the ability to help you analyze yourself and your desires, and then takes you step by step through the process to ensure that your wardrobe matches your desired perception. Through a set of detailed steps, she nailed each aspect of my wardrobe and was able to select things for me that I would have absolutely never given the time of day.

Perceptive: Michelle reads situations and expressions to ensure that everything is working together for her clients. There are a lot of unspoken communications when you are trying on old clothes, describing your wishes, or even shopping for new clothes. There were many times when I didn't have words, but she was able to discern exactly what was going through my head, and give me some alternatives to proceed.

Thorough: Michelle will provide everything from insight and execution to style tips and advice. She doesn't miss even the smallest step, as all parts work together to create an image. My experience with Michelle far surpassed even my highest expectations. When you hire Michelle, you are in for a treat!

Angela Bitting

I am a busy executive at a major wealth management firm, and have an entrepreneurial business on the side as well. I hired Michelle to create a sophisticated look for me that could be consistent, and that truly expressed who I am and what I want to convey. She spent a lot of time with me--just learning about who I was and has a tremendous amount of ideas. I learned so much from her about colors, what truly works for my body and she was amazing.

She came over and did a closet audit too, and my goodness, my closet is gorgeous now, all color coordinated with things that suit me. It should be in a magazine! Best of all, she helped me photograph all the outfits we picked out (with the right jewelry too) and I use that "look book" a lot--it's on my iPad. I am constantly reading about fashion and thought I knew so much, but Michelle took my knowledge to a whole new, practical level.  She astonished me! Do yourself this favor!

(Photo by Nancy Rothstein)

Megan McNealy


Extraordinary! Wow! I'm beyond words -- abundantly grateful for your guidance and eye for beauty! Thank you for making that easy, fun and AMAZING! Can't wait to get things altered and for shoes to arrive! Whoo hoo. I feel empowered to shop smart for the rest of my life AND inspired to take better care of my body.

(Photo by Nancy Rothstein)

Heather Reynolds


I loved working with Michelle for both the Initial Consultation and the Closet Audit. I learned so much more about the shape of my body, the necklines up top that balance/compliment my hips to give me more of an hourglass look (and what necklines to stay away from). I learned what the shape of my shoes should be to give me more height (or to look taller), how to make my closet more functional (so that I now love everything in there), and so much more.

Working with her has saved me from hours of trying the wrong clothes or wasting money. And it wasn't like Michelle told me what to do so that I didn't have a voice. She was a great listener, and came with a background of an experienced clothing designer, which simply just took my closet to another level. Totally worth the investment in myself.

Keren Barukh Torman

Keren Creations

If I had found Michelle years ago, I would have saved countless hours agonizing over clothes to buy and how to put them all together.

I hate clothing shopping with a passion because:
1. It’s like entering an airplane hangar with a thousand potential targets and not knowing where to aim—I get EXTREME decision fatigue quickly.
2. It’s a huge time suck when I could be doing anything else I am passionate about.
3. the probability of spending a lot of money on a sub-optimal garment is high.

...has a very organized methodology for analyzing color, style and body shape is a fantastic listener—she really hears what you want to project to the world and keeps that in mind throughout the wardrobe design process.

...sees beauty and individuality—she has the gift of seeing and optimizing how you are attractive in a way that leaves you feeling authentic and unique. I feel GREAT when I get dressed.  I have EASE in assembling outfits.  

Since working with Michelle, I have been told many times by random clients, “You have great style.”  I enjoyed the actual experience of working with Michelle, I have absolutely earned interest on this investment (having recaptured thought time and decisions from the process of getting dressed) and I look VERY forward to working with her again in the future!

Sheila Kappeler-Finn

Duende Consulting