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Help! Pantyhose or Tights – Which should I be wearing?

Now that Fall is just around the corner, it’s almost time to start covering up our legs as the season starts to cool. But as the season turns, lots of questions arise. Here's one from Lisa: "Someone said recently that pantyhose/stockings are now a fashion faux pas and that the way to go is tights. Do you agree?"

Video Conferencing? 5 Tips For What To Wear

When you’re video conferencing, are you using your clothing as a powerful tool or is it a distraction to your viewers? I’m going to share with you 5 tips to ensure that your clothing is your Power Partner and not your "Fashion Foe" so that you look and feel your best when the camera is on YOU!

All Necklines Are Not Created Equal

“Necklines please – bateau neck, boat neck, jewel neck, scoop neck, round neck, crew neck.” I know it can be a little confusing because there are many names for necklines and some of them mean the exact same thing while others differ a bit in variation. Let me explain...

Uncommon Fashion Terms All Fashionistas Know (Or SHOULD Know!)

After the email responses I received from many of you on the last newsletter on Fashion Terms from A to Z, I decided in future posts that I would break these fashion terms down into small chunks that were easily digestible. This time I am going to just give you just three fashion terms to wrap your head around. So here we go…

Common Fashion Terms, A-Z, That Every Girl Should Know!

When I meet with clients, I’m not surprised that some of the terms I use they are not familiar with. Therefore, I decided to do a series of newsletters that would start off with the most basic common fashion terms and end with the most uncommon and sometimes quite bazaar idioms. So let's get started...