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  • Summer of Love

How to Rock the Summer Of Love Look

If you ever thought you wanted to try the Boho look but were afraid it wasn’t your Personality, toss aside those fears; this year is the year to rock the “Summer Of Love” looks, and I’m here to show you...

  • I Need Help Packing for Vacation!

Do you dread packing for vacation?

I learned many years ago how to pack well. In fact I went away for 3 months around the world and carried only one small suitcase filled with clothing that not only mixed up beautifully but was good for several different climates. Plus…and this is a biggie: I never got...

  • Comfy Sexy Cool Flattering Jeans

What Were They Thinking?

What’s the one basic staple in our wardrobes that almost everyone has in their closet? No matter what Body-Type or Size you are, no matter your Lifestyle-Requirements, your Personality, your Coloring, or your Age and Gender, almost everyone owns one. Hint: It’s a classic that recently went crazy.

  • The Perfect Bathing Suit for your Body-Type

Find The Perfect Bathing Suit For Your Body-Type

“Shall we have a drink before we do this?” Before your mind goes to where I know it’s going, the previous question is something I jokingly ask all of my clients (Although some quickly say Yes!:) when we are about to start…

  • What does being "authentic mean to YOU?

Am I not “authentic” if I’m covering up my gray roots?

To me, it's part of my "authentic self." Being my “authentic” self was important to me. So I fought the "I need color to make me feel young" urge and just let the gray show. I am still a woman so I made sure...

  • Spring is here with Ruffles!

This Season’s Look is Uber Feminine & Romantic (+ 3 tips to help you do it right!)

  Off-the-shoulder, babydoll, cascading, circular, waterfall - what do all these have in common? Hint: The look is uber feminine - you might be someone who loves them, or you might be someone who wouldn’t [...]

  • What is your why?

What Is Your “Why?”

When a woman looks at me with tears in her eyes, because she feels beautiful for the first time in years, or because she’s rediscovering a wonderful part of herself that was buried beneath layers of shame, and she says to me...

  • 5 Tips To Elevate Your Outfit In 5 Minutes

5 Tips To Elevate Your Outfit In 5 Minutes

As you head out the door you take one last look at yourself in the mirror. You stare, tilt your head, and come to the conclusion that although you feel good in your outfit, something ...