• -CSQ- # 47 Prince in Polka Dots!

Even PRINCE Wore Polka Dots

I morn the death of not only a prolific artist but a fashion icon in his own right. PRINCE.

  • thegreatwhiteredux

The “Great White” Redux Takes On A Fresh Look

Hey, There, The “classic,” “borrowed from my man” staple is now more “feminine” than ever and anything but “classic” this season. Well…at least it is for women. But don’t go away guys, I have something [...]

  • CSQ #45 (30Mar16) (1)

Inspiring “Power Partner” or Dreaded “Fashion Foe?”

Your outfit can be your most trusted “Power Partner.”  Did you know that? Well, if you didn’t, I’m here to tell you why.  First let me explain. This is my definition of an outfit that [...]


Choosing A Skin Tone That Compliments Your Own

Do you look bright and radiant, or dull and washed out when you try on a skin tone colored garment? Or are you not trying them on because you don’t know which tone will compliment [...]

Wardrobe Woes

Do you dread getting dressed? Do you hate rushing out the door late for work, wearing an outfit that you just don’t love? It completely ruins your morning, right?

Just when you think you’re over it, your confidence drops even lower when your associate saunters by you dressed to the nines. You cringe feeling like a total loser. There goes your afternoon too.

What To Expect

Wave “bubye!” to the angst. Getting dressed can be effortless when you have a carefully-curated wardrobe filled with clothes you truly love. Sound impossible? It’s not!

My 4 steps to great style is actually easy and fun! After working with us, you’ll look forward to getting dressed, with the confidence of knowing you’ll look and feel your best, every single day. 

Let’s Talk

Beginning the process is as easy as giving us a call for your free 15 minute phone consultation. It has been known to change lives. It could change yours too!

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